How to Get Your Child to Sleep Through The Night Independently with A Gentle Approach in 16 Days or Less

Without Rocking, Feeding, or Nursing


This Is What You Will Get:


🔸 16-day program

🔸 7-call sessions

🔸 Sleep assessment

🔸 Detailed & customised sleep plan

🔸Tools to track your progress

🔸 Unlimited email support for 16 days

🔸 Additional email support for 4 weeks upon completion of the program

🔸 60-day action based money back guarantee

Total Investment $349 (AUD)

What Is It?

  • 16-day action-based program

  • 1-on-1 Consultation Program to help you and your baby sleep through the night

  • A step-by-step detailed & customised sleep plan

Who Is It For?

  • Any parent who is sleep-deprived

  • Any parent who wants to sleep train their baby or toddler

  • Any parent who would like to sleep in their own bed & with their partner again

What Will I Achieve?

  • It will save your marriage

  • Your child is better rested, happier, and less cranky during the day

  • You will feel and function better as a parent, and enjoy your children more

What Is Included?

Session 1: Discovery Call
  • 15-minute call via Zoom/Google Meet

  • Determine your child's sleep challenges

  • A brief outline of the program

  • What will happen next

  • Q & A

Session 2: Private 1-on-1 Consultation

  • 60-minute call via Zoom/Google Meet

  • A suggestion of an ideal day schedule

  • A suggestion of an ideal bedtime routine

  • How to create good sleeping habits?

  • Step-by-step detailed & customised sleep plan

  • How to deal with night wakings?

  • How to deal with naps? (if applicable)

  • Tools & guide to help you sleep train your child

  • Q & A

Session 3: 1st Follow Up

  • 15-minute call via Zoom/Google Meet

  • After Night 1

  • Analyse what happened on Night 1

  • Address any issues

  • Q & A

Session 4 & 5: 2nd & 3rd Follow Up

  • 15-minute call via Zoom/Google Meet

  • Schedule calls on your own time within the 16 days

  • Analyse what happened previous nights

  • How to pivot to other methods (if applicable)

  • Address any issues/concerns

  • Q & A

Session 6: Goodbye Call

  • 15-minute call via Zoom/Google Meet

  • After Night 16

  • Thank you and goodbye kit

  • Address any remaining issues/concerns

  • Follow-up support tips

  • Q & A

Session 7: Hardship Call

  • 20-minute call via Zoom/Google Meet

  • Within 6 months of starting the program (Night 1)

  • A brief sleep assessment

  • Tips to deal with any sleep challenges

  • Q & A

Sleep Ye Tender

🔸 16-day program

🔸 FREE 15-minute discovery call

🔸 1 sleep assessment

🔸 60-minute 1-on-1 call session

🔸 1 detailed & customised sleep plan

🔸 4 follow up sessions

🔸 16 days of unlimited email support

🔸 4 weeks of additional email support

🔸 FREE 20-minute future hardship call

Total Investment $349 (AUD)

What is Sleep Ye Tender?

From: Arina Baharin

To: Parents who are sleep deprived


Dear Parent,


What if there was a detailed step-by-step process that you could use to get your child to sleep through the night independently without relying on breastfeeding to sleep, bottle to sleep or rocking to sleep, etc.?


I know, I know! You have heard this many times before.


Other programs promising the world, taking your money and left you hanging, clueless, and not sure what to do...


Yes, this really does happen!


I know you would love to be sleeping again and see your child sleep through the night.


You have probably been struggling for months - if not years - of interrupted sleep caused by a baby or toddler who, for whatever reason, has never really learned how to fall and stay asleep on their own.


You and your child are definitely sleep deprived. You might not even know it, but this can lead to long-term damage. Did you know that letting your child not get the sleep they need can jeopardise their brain development?


You are unfulfilled & depressed. Stressing over your child's sleep or going to work for long hours only to spend the little time you have together in a battle around sleep.


You have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works! You have read a lot of books, spent hours googling, tested, and tried what your friends did, asked your mom about what to do, but nothing worked for you and your child...


That is when you decided you have had enough!


You are not alone and a lot of people are in the same boat as you, but there IS light at the end of the tunnel.


Trust me, I understand your frustration. My daughter at 11 months was also waking up almost 5 times a night to be nursed to sleep. I was at my wits end. I eventually found this method and implemented this system, and now she is sleeping happily through the night.


So here's some good news for you:


I am here to help. I am offering you an opportunity for you to be sleeping again. To get yourself back on track, feel more energetic and function better as an individual and as a parent.


I am here to tell you the truth that getting your child to sleep through the night will not be easy, but once you get through it, the experience and outcome will be rewarding for you and your child.


This is where I’m going to guide you on what to do, how to do it, step-by-step, in the right order, at the right time with the right process.


Most people are not aware that sleeping is as important as eating. You need both for survival. Just like eating, you need to sleep in order to live.


If you are ready to make a change and give you and your child the sleep you both need, you have come to the right place!


This is a detailed, customised & comprehensive sleep plan specifically tailored to your child.


This 16-day program will definitely be a life-changer for you.

This program is not for everyone

I created Sleep Ye Tender for one simple purpose: To help other parents who are sleep deprived who desperately need their sleep.


I know how it feels when you are not getting enough sleep because I once was in your shoes.  This program is not designed for parents who are:


❌ Still wanting to sleep with their child in the same bed

❌ Are quite happy and contented with their child's sleep

❌ Are not ready to start sleep training their child

❌ Critical of the process and its methods

❌ Here just wanting free advice


In fact, this program may well push you out of your comfort zone.


When you start this program, you are only 16 days away from getting a well-rested and good night's sleep.


You will definitely see the benefits of this program to you and your child at the end of this program.


Please only participate if you meet the following criteria:


✅ You are committed to getting the sleep you need

✅ You are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed

✅ You will trust me and the process of getting your child to sleep through the night

✅ You are ready to take 100% responsibility for your results (good or bad)

✅ You are ready to give the best gift to your child, i.e. sleep!

My Philosophy

Learning to sleep through the night and falling asleep independently are actually skills that need to be taught.


  • Just like crawling, sitting, and walking, the more they practice and develop the skills, the better they are good at it.


  • I believe helping parents with the right method will guide them to achieve their sleep goals.


  • Each plan and suggestion made in the Sleep Plan is based on mutual agreement between the parents and me. Nothing will be finalised until both parties are happy to proceed.


  • I highly place importance on the flexibility, adaptability, and middle-ground of my approach to helping families teach their babies and children to sleep well. That is why my method is gentle, empathic, and comforting, and do not endorse the extinction or ‘cry-it-out’ method.

Let me help you solve your child's problem


I would like to take a minute to introduce myself:


I am Arina Baharin, founder and creator of Mama’s Intuition.


I recently completed my PhD (Psychology) from the University of Wollongong, Australia, have a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Malaysia and a psychology degree (Hons.) from the UK.


With my extensive background in psychology and also currently practicing as a psychologist here in Sydney, I believe my training and experience as a mental health professional have groomed me to become more sensitive towards one’s needs and distress, particularly when helping families train their babies and children to sleep well.


You see new parents posting photos of them and their seemingly happy-go-lucky babies, smiling and laughing – but no one actually talks about how tired and sleep-deprived they are from the night before.


This is where I come in – I can help you look exactly like your photos, happy and smiley, by getting that much-needed sleep. Both you and baby CAN sleep through the night.


Let me help you translate that smile from your photo to real life.

This is what you should do next:

(Get excited! - You are only 16 days away from getting a well-rested and good night’s sleep!)


Take the following steps NOW to book your sessions:


Step 1: Click the Big Orange Button that says ‘Book Your FREE Session Now’ on this page


Step 2: Book a date & time that suits you for your FREE 15-minute Discovery Call


Step 3: Enter your information


And that’s it!


Click the button below to begin the 16-day program that will change your life

I look forward to serving you with Sleep Ye Tender, which I know will help you get that much-needed sleep you long for.


When you book your session, send me a private message on Instagram @mamas.intuition and I will personally send you my warmest welcome to the program.


Love & Happy Sleeping!

Arina Baharin

P.S. Let me summarise your deal again very quickly:


You have the opportunity to book the 16-day Sleep Ye Tender Consultation Program here on this page


It is one of the most comprehensive 1-on-1 consulting programs available:


❇️ A customised, personalised, and step-by-step sleep plan that will be tailored to your child’s age, temperament, sleep problems, and sleep habits


❇️ 100% based on mutual agreement between me and you


Full support to get you and your baby sleep well and through the night.

Here is my promise to you:

I have included a 60-day action based guarantee with your purchase


I am going to do everything I can to help you get your child fall asleep easily and sleep through the night in the shortest time possible


However, if you feel that the Sleep Ye Tender Program is not working for you and your child, I will gladly give you your money back


(For full Terms and Conditions, please read through the Contract document once you book your first session)


In other words, there is NO RISK and no reason to not give Sleep Ye Tender program a try.


There is absolutely nothing to lose!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Sleep Ye Tender?


🔵 Your Investment for Sleep Ye Tender is $349 Australian Dollars (AUD).

🔵 All taxes are included in the fee.


Can I book the sessions from anywhere in the world?


🔵 Yes, thanks to advanced technology, which means you can book your sessions from any country and receive the same experience as everyone else.


How long will it take for my child to sleep through the night?


🔵 Babies and children are all different so it is impossible to say exactly how long each child will take to sleep through the night. However, if you follow the step-by-step process according to the sleep plan consistently you will see improvements within the first week.


What about twins?


🔵 I can do twins at an additional of $100 (AUD) on top of the Sleep Ye Tender Program.


Is Sleep Ye Tender program a version of the Cry-It-Out method?


🔵 No.


🔵 The “cry-it-out” method works like this:

Step 1: Put the child to bed.

Step 2: Walk away.

Step 3: Let the child cry, scream, howl, etc. until the child is asleep.


What age is Sleep Ye Tender program for?


🔵 This program suits any child from newborn to 8 years old.


Is crying an absolute step in order to get my baby to sleep well?


🔵 Yes, because we are trying to teach them something new and something different that they are not used to. Change of any kind is a difficult thing for everyone.

🔵 Changing their sleep habits will most likely be met with some protest, and the best way children can communicate this with us is by crying.


Is this harmful? Will it lead to some kind of permanent psychological damage, like trauma to my child?


🔵 Most definitely not.

🔵 There has been no credible evidence from a published medical study that mentions any link between letting a child cry at bedtime for a few nights and psychological problems later in life.

🔵 You can read this article for more information: 7 Reasons to Calm Down About Babies Crying


If you are ready to be sleeping again in 16 days or less.


Take the deal and book your FREE Discovery Call now!

  • 16-day program

  • 7-call sessions

  • 2.5-hour of private consultation

  • Sleep assessment

  • Detailed & customised sleep plan

  • Tools to track your progress

  • 16-day unlimited email support

  • Additional email support for 4 weeks upon completion of the program

  • 60-day action based money-back guarantee

  • No more sleep deprived after 16 days

Total Investment $349 (AUD)