About Me

Dr Arina Baharin

Psychologist & Certified Sleep Consultant

Hi! I am Arina, founder of Mama’s Intuition. I recently completed my PhD (Psychology) in Australia and have a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Malaysia and Psychology degree (Hons.) from the UK. 


My husband and I moved to Australia in 2018, while I was completing my PhD. We had our beautiful daughter in June 2019, who could sleep on her own at 3 months. However, nightwakings were her favourite thing to do as she would wake up four to five times to be nursed to sleep! And this got worse during the Covid-19 pandemic, when I was unfortunately laid off work and was home all the time. We tried other sleep programs to get her to sleep better but somehow nothing worked until we stumbled across the Sleep Sense Program.

While helping families train their babies and children to sleep well, I am also practicing as a psychologist here in Sydney. I believe my training and experience as a psychologist have groomed me to become more sensitive towards one’s needs and distress. Which is why my approach to helping families find themselves again is gentle, empathic and comforting. 


You see new parents posting photos of their seemingly happy-go-lucky babies, smiling and laughing – but no one actually talks about how tired and sleep deprived they are from the night before. This is where I come in – I CAN help you look exactly like your photos, happy and smiley, by getting that much needed sleep. Both you and baby CAN sleep through the night. Let me help you translate that smile from your photo to real life.

My Mission

Is for Mama's​:

  1. ​To acknowledge that self care is not selfish.

  2. To know that there is hope and they are not alone.

  3. To be mindful to always put their oxygen mask first before assisting others.


Arina Baharin