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Hi, I'm Dr Arina Baharin, founder of Mama's Intuition. I help parents train their babies/children skills to sleep independently. 

My husband and I used the Sleep Sense™ program to help our 11-month old daughter, who was still waking up every two hours to be nursed to sleep. We were amazed at how wonderfully she slept after only two weeks of using the program and decided to pursue this journey to become a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant. 


While helping families train their babies and children to sleep well, I am also practicing as a psychologist here in Sydney. I believe my training and experience as a psychologist have groomed me to become more sensitive towards one’s needs and distress. This is why my approach to helping families is gentle, empathic and comforting. 


A life with a baby doesn’t need to translate you looking exhausted all the time. Let me help you get your baby to sleep, and then BOTH you and baby can sleep through the night, happily.

*Disclaimer: I am a trained psychologist but the services I'm providing are as a Certified Sleep Consultant. The testimonials provided below are not in relation to my practice as a psychologist, and I also do not provide any psychological services to any of my clients.

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(1-on-1 Consultation)

Sleep ye Tender is a 1-on-1 Private Consultation that gives you a comprehensive tailored sleep plan on how to get your child to sleep through the night independently in just 16 days.

Here is how it works:


Questionnaire & Evaluation

  • Complete a short preliminary questionnaire

  • So we can get a detailed snapshot of your child's sleep habits, bedtime routine, temperament & schedule

60-minute Consultation

  • In person or via Zoom/Google Meet or phone call consultation

  • Go over questionnaire and discuss any concerns

  • Discuss any potential causes of sleep struggles and ensure the foundations are in place to help you understand your little one's sleep journey & process​

Baby blocks

Customised Sleep Plan 

  • I will explain a clear, easy-to-follow plan on what you should be doing at bedtime, how to deal with night wakings, how to handle nap time​s & everything else to set you up for sleep success

  • Mutual agreement on sleep plan between me & you

Follow Up Support

  • UNLIMITED email support for 16 days

  • 5 scheduled follow-up calls to address any questions of difficulties

  • Extra tools and strategies for future challenges




Mother and Baby

Sarah, Doctor

"My husband and I can now sleep in the same bed again!"

"Arina has been very generous with her time and has helped us to develop creative strategies unique to our situation."

Baby in Playroom

Krista, Business Owner

If you're busy, time poor, couple, mom, dad & anybody who are suffering sleepless nights.


I can't recommend Arina and her wonderful service highly enough. It has changed my life for the absolute better.

Mother Holding Baby's Hand

Ain, Doctor

"Her gentle approach and great understanding that every child and family is different gave me the confidence to gradually help my child and family get better sleep. I just wish I had found her sooner and will definitely be back for our next child!"



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